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When you operate in nearly any industry or field, you begin to develop specific expertise and insights that you can share with others. A great way to do this is through white papers, which have become a highly popular and effective way for businesses and organizations to market their brands by deeply analyzing complex issues and trends.

What is a white paper?

In content marketing, a white paper is a way for you and your organization to educate readers on a specific topic, going into much greater detail than you would in a typical article. In most cases, a white paper should present a problem in your industry, including why it exists and the challenges it causes. Then, you may present a possible solution to that problem, while positioning your business or organization as the answer.

Brands develop white papers to demonstrate their expertise to their readers and target customers. They are particularly useful in a B2B setting, as more than two-thirds of B2B marketers are using white papers on a regular basis. However, even B2C organizations find them useful in certain situations.

White papers are usually 3-5 pages in length, although some topics may require you to go into more detail and develop extended content. There is little to no sales pitch involved at all—the ultimate goal is to inform readers and demonstrate the industry expertise of your organization and its team.

How do our white paper writers help?

The white paper writers at ProPRcopy have created hundreds of these documents for businesses and organizations across many different industries. Our process typically works like this:

  1. Discovery: Through a phone call or email, we discuss the outline of your white paper, including the problems, solutions and other insights you would like to share. We also determine an approximate length.
  2. Research: If there are any resources you would like to share with us as we get started, you may provide them to us at this time. We can also conduct our own research on the topic in preparation for an initial draft.
  3. First draft: Our white paper writers create an initial draft of your content, often with a quick turnaround. We deliver this draft to your team for a review.
  4. Revisions: Although often our first drafts are ready for publication outright, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions to the white paper content. We revise as many times as necessary to ensure your content is absolutely perfect.
  5. Finalization: Once we have completed all requested revisions and you are happy with the content, we deliver a final version. You then own all rights to the white paper and are free to use it as you see fit.
  6. Promotion: Our white paper writers can also assist with promoting your content using a variety of channels, including social media, blogging and press release writing and distribution.

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