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Why should you choose ProPRcopy? It’s simple, really.

With ProPRcopy, you have access to a team of dedicated content writers and editors for your business. Forget about vetting, hiring and training freelancers on your own. We take care of all that—just tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

We hire only the best content writers

When you work with ProPRcopy, you gain access to some of the best marketing, public relations and advertising content writers across the United States. We transform your ideas into exceptional content, giving you the power to break through the noise with your digital marketing efforts. That’s because we take the time to get to know your brand, your business and your target audience.

Our content writers especially shine with niche industries and subjects. Because we’ve worked with so many types of businesses and organizations over the years, there’s little you can throw our way that will surprise us. Even in those rare cases in which we find a topic we haven’t encountered before, we learn quickly and can get up to speed in a matter of hours.

No matter your content needs, we’ve got you covered. Turn to us for blog content, articles, press releases, social media content, email marketing copy, website content, white papers, products descriptions and more.

Content writers based in the United States

ProPRcopy’s headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the heart of the Midwest. We also have offices in Minneapolis and Kansas City. All our content writers have at least a bachelor’s degree, live in the United States and have experience as journalists, marketers, public relations practitioners and other communication professionals. In fact, many members of our team are former reporters who are skilled at researching and telling stories in concise and informative ways.

In short, writing is our passion and we love what we do. ProPRcopy’s team of experienced content writers are incredibly talented and hard-working. And, if you’re looking for a solution that scales, find out how we work with agencies to develop high-quality content for their clients.

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“We tried using another content writer and let’s just say it didn’t work out. They gave us copy you just couldn’t read. We’re really happy with the stuff you sent us.”

Sara Y., Madison, WI

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