One of the key components of any content marketing campaign is a company blog, where you regularly share your insights and key information related to your business and industry. But creating regular blog content can be difficult, especially during those times when you feel you’ve run out of ideas.

man-311326_1280The following are 10 creative steps you can take to brainstorm new topics that will engage readers and continue to set you apart as a thought leader in your space:

1. Ask your readers: Poll your readers on the topics on which they would like to learn more. Think about some of the common questions your customers have asked you recently, and see if you’ve covered all of them in your blog content to date. This will give you a good idea of the subjects your target audience will find interesting.

2. Brainstorm with coworkers, friends or other bloggers: Set aside an hour or so to sit down with your colleagues or other industry professionals to brainstorm new topics. This is often much more effective than going at it alone, as you get the benefit of multiple perspectives.

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3. Interview an expert in the industry: Find someone you respect or admire and ask that person 10 questions on the industry in which you compete. It’s a great way to come up with interesting content, and you may even reap some additional rewards in the form of networking.

4. Work with a professional copywriter: Writing all of your blog content yourself is time-consuming, and few entrepreneurs or business owners can keep up. That’s why so many blogs fall by the wayside when other concerns pop up. Working with a professional blog content writer will help your brand remain consistent and up to date.

5. Review a product, service or book: Find a new product related to your field, try it out and write an honest review on it. If you’ve recently read a book connected to your industry, share what you’ve learned with others. Making sound recommendations is a great way to get people to read and engage with your blog content.

6. Bring back popular posts or articles: If you’ve been blogging for some time, you may have found that certain posts were particularly popular with readers. Consider reusing this content by providing updates or building on what you previously wrote.

7. Consider the trends: Pay attention to trends in your industry by following other blogs, reading trade publications and engaging with others on social media. Work any recent trends into your blog posts (when applicable) to grab readers’ attention.

8. Make it fun: Some blog topics are inherently more interesting than others, but even if you’re writing on a fairly lackluster concept, try to find ways to bring humor or fun into the content. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and think about whether your content is truly useful and engaging.

9. Get some fresh air: Sometimes all you need to combat writer’s block is to get away from your desk and refresh your brain. Consider going outside or focusing on a different task if you’re having trouble coming up with blog topic ideas.

10. Share something personal: Sometimes it’s intimidating to put yourself and your thoughts out there for all to read. However, by sharing some personal details or anecdotes on your blog, you show readers that there’s a human being behind the content. This can help you connect with your target audience much more effectively.

As you continue to develop topic ideas and content for your blog, keep these tips in mind for those times you feel stuck. And if you need further assistance, consider working with a professional copywriting service to help with editorial calendars and the creation of consistent, high-quality and engaging blog content.