real estate content marketingToday’s home buyers often begin their search online, looking to social media and platforms like Realtor, Trulia and Zillow to browse listings. This means agents and brokers must have a robust digital presence and leverage best practices in real estate content marketing.

Through engaging digital content, you can expand the reach of your listings while conveying the value you deliver as a real estate professional. Below are some helpful tips as you develop and execute your real estate content marketing strategy:

1. Be active on social media

To start, make sure you have a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn—two of the most important platforms for agents and brokers. Instagram and Pinterest are also great tools, as they are image-centric and enable you to share photos of the properties you have available.

Although nearly all real estate professionals are active on social media, only a fraction of them regularly share listings through these networks. Social media is especially useful for reaching young, first-time homebuyers.

2. Use video and ‘virtual tours’

As a real estate professional, you’re often selling more than a property to buyers—you’re providing them with a new lifestyle. It’s easier than ever to produce videos or virtual tours of properties using tools like Easypano or Animoto. You can then share this content via apps like Realtor or through social media, giving your audience an incredible visual experience of the properties you have available.

Social media users are much more likely to share videos than they are images or links. Investing in video means expanding the potential reach of your listings.

3. Share your brand story

Don’t be afraid to share what makes you or your agency special. In addition to your listings, showcase your company’s culture and the dedication you offer your clients. Tell people why you have a passion for real estate and how you got started in the industry.

You can even create and share profile pieces focused on the members of your team, which can give potential clients a more personal look into your agency and the people who drive it.

4. Update your blog regularly

One often-overlooked (yet highly effective) tactic in real estate content marketing is blogging. Creating informative, engaging blog content can help you share your agency’s story (see above) and highlight some or all of your listings. You may also provide key tips to buyers and sellers that can build trust and brand recognition. If potential clients receive valuable insights from your blog, they’re more likely to work with you when they need real estate services.

The world of real estate content marketing has evolved to a point at which the most effective blog posts tend to be long-form content. Aim for 500 to 1,000 words per post, but still be as concise as possible and avoid fluff. Work with a real estate content writer if you need assistance with this aspect of your strategy.

5. Keep tabs on your metrics

Tools like Facebook’s audience insights allow you to determine which posts are reaching your target audiences most effectively. Determining which posts are receiving the highest numbers of views and the most click-throughs will help inform the types of content you should create in the future.

Through effective real estate content marketing, you can enhance your brand image, promote your services and bring greater awareness to your listings. Consider these tips as you look for new ways to market your agency in today’s competitive digital landscape.