linked-152575_1280Whether you’re concerned about search engine optimization, are building a knowledge base for your visitors or simply adding content to your website to showcase your authority on your subject matter, having fresh articles and blog content is paramount to your efforts. But who has time to kick out a new blog post every week?

Don’t feel bad if you’re a website administrator or business owner without the time or energy to crank out new content on a regular basis—there’s not many people who do. In fact, a great many companies and websites today have content marketing partners who write for them.

So why should you hire someone to write blog content and articles for you? We’ll give you five reasons:

1) Time and talent constraints: It’s difficult to find someone who has the time on their hands to craft a well thought-out article that your audience can easily read and understand. If you’re managing a website, it’s a good bet that you don’t have the time to sit down and plot out every blog post or article, and unless you’re a better-than-average writer, saying what you want to say isn’t always as simple as you might think. A professional content writer alleviates both of these constraints and allows you to focus your attention elsewhere.

2) Changing trends and needs: Content marketing seems to change as often as the pages on a calendar, so unless you’re up to date, trying to write your own article and blog content could mean investing time in writing an article that’s lagging behind the times. A professional copywriter knows the latest trends in content marketing and how you can leverage them to your advantage.

3) Breaking down complex subjects: In many industries, including IT, accounting and legal, it can be difficult to break out of your bubble and communicate effectively to a more general audience. A content marketing partner can take a more objective approach to your subject matter, breaking down thorny concepts and making them easier for your readers and viewers to comprehend. This results in more balanced and cohesive content.

4) Search engine optimization (SEO): Although the term itself is a little outdated, SEO is still very important to businesses and organizations that need to be visible online. If you would like to reap the SEO rewards of good content marketing, it’s important to keep your blog posts and articles regularly updated with compelling and informative content. This will bolster your image in the almighty eyes of Google, resulting in better search rankings and more inbound links.

5) A flexible resource: Your content marketing partner will adapt as your needs change, and can also provide other types of content like web copy, brochures, email marketing and more. Being able to turn to one source for all of your copywriting and editing needs means that you can save yourself the hassle of working with multiple freelancers and the expense of an in-house writing team. Think of your content marketing partner as another link in your network of resources.

If you could use help with your content marketing efforts, consider working with a professional copywriting team to better manage your editorial calendars and ensure you have a comprehensive and executable strategy moving forward.

Kyle Danowski is a senior editor with ProPRcopy, a respected copywriting firm celebrating its fifth anniversary in April.