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So you’re looking to work with a third-party copywriter (or team of copywriters) to handle all of the content creation for your company.

But how can you be sure you’ll be working with a professional who will develop the quality blog content, articles, press releases and other copy you need for your content marketing efforts?

Here are a few traits of excellent copywriters you should look for:

  • They take the time to get to know your brand: A great copywriter should care about getting background information about your company, products and services before starting on your content. They know it’s imperative to collect information before the writing process even begins. You should have a phone conversation or email exchange before the copywriter creates anything, giving you the ability to discuss the tone, voice and information presented in your content.
  • They are flexible: Strong copywriters are willing to work with you when it comes to editing and revising drafts of content to make it just right for your needs. This is especially important early on in your working relationship with a writer.
  • They catch the little things: You shouldn’t have to deal with significant issues involving grammatical and punctuation mistakes. You hire copywriters for their professionalism and their skill—you shouldn’t have to play the role of editor, as well.
  • They meet deadlines: Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with someone who doesn’t understand the sanctity of a deadline. Experienced copywriters understand you have an editorial calendar you need to stick to, and will abide by the deadlines provided to them.
  • They are personable: When you’ve found an excellent copywriter, chances are you’re going to want to stick with that person for a while. Therefore, it’s important you choose someone who’s personable and makes the working relationship hassle-free.

Contracting with an outsourced copywriting service can be a nerve-wracking experience, but by keeping these tips in mind, you can find a writer and editor who truly delivers for you and your brand.