High-quality blog content can be an incredible marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. A low-quality blog, however, can reflect poorly on your brand and actually do harm to your image. But how exactly do you know if your blog writing is of low quality?

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The following are a few signs that you might need to boost the quality of blog content you’re publishing on a regular basis:

1) Your visitors are not staying very long: Take a look at your analytics and track how people view the blog content section of your website. If they’re spending less than two minutes on a post, or if they’re not clicking through to other content after reading one post, there’s a pretty good chance people simply don’t find the content useful or compelling.

2) You have a lot of grammatical errors: Errors like these repel readers away in an instant. If you know grammar and writing are not your strong suit, it would definitely be beneficial to search for a professional blog writer who can take your thoughts and put them into clear, well-written prose.

3) You’re overly concerned about SEO: When you’re just getting started with blog writing, keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) should be the last thing on your mind. First, worry about creating high-quality blog content that people actually want to read. You can think more about SEO once you’ve actually gotten into a groove with your blog content writing.

4) Your readers are not engaging with you: If you know you have a reasonably large audience, but never get any shares, comments or likes on your posts or on social media, it stands to reason that people just aren’t interested in what you’re saying. Do some research into what resonates with your target audience and cater to those interests with your content.

5) You don’t have a focused topic area: You cannot create a blog that covers everything. The topics you choose need to be relevant to your company and your target audience. At ProPRcopy, for example, it wouldn’t make much sense for our blog writers to create a bunch of content about celebrity gossip. Stick with what you know and what’s relevant to your readers.

6) You don’t look forward to writing your blog posts: The content you create for your blog should be interesting to you, as well as your target audience. If you’re boring yourself with your own blog content writing, just imagine how your audience will feel about it.

If you need assistance developing strong blog content on a consistent basis, consider working with a professional copywriter, who can assist with everything from topic generation to the writing of compelling, interesting content.