real estate content writing servicesAs time goes on, it’s common for realtors and brokers to feel stuck when it comes to publishing real estate blog content. Writer’s block tends to set in, and you may grow bored of simply posting about the same types of property listings repeatedly.

When this happens, it may be time to take a fresh look at your approach as a real estate blog writer, and think a little more outside the box when generating topic ideas. The following are some quick and easy ideas to consider for your blogging efforts:

  • Local events: You could, for example, consider a weekly roundup on open houses, community events (festivals, farmers markets, etc.) or anything else that brings people in your community together—whether it’s related to real estate or not. Writing about these things will help establish you and your firm as being committed to your community and knowledgeable about the people, businesses and organizations that call it home.
  • Housing trends: Every now and then, provide your readers with updates on the overall housing market—both nationally and in your region. Are home sales currently up or down? Is now a good time to purchase a new home? What is the state of mortgage rates? These are all likely questions from your readers that you can answer in your real estate blog content.
  • Area schools: One of the most significant factors influencing which neighborhoods people move to is the state of the schools in that area. Be sure to provide occasional updates on what’s happening at the local schools, including rankings of the best schools in the area, major achievements and any extracurricular successes the schools have had recently.
  • Local points of interest: Individuals and families who are interested in moving to a particular area want to know that there’s plenty to see and do nearby. Consider profiling a local point of interest every now and then, such as parks, restaurants, entertainment venues, businesses, golf courses and possible day trips.
  • Topics focused on your audience: There are many different blog content subjects you can choose that reflect the interests of your target audience. You could do a “mailbag” column in which you answer readers’ questions. You could take questions about specific topics, such as investing, selling or relocating, and go into some detail in an effort to inform your readers.
  • Personal updates: Humanize yourself by writing real estate blog content about what you love about the area, why you enjoy helping people find new homes, success stories with recent clients and any recent milestones you or your agency has achieved.

When you think about it, there are likely many more topics you can cover in your real estate blog content than you think. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your property listings and the services you offer—there are a number of other subjects and information your readers may be craving, and you are in a great position to provide what they need through interesting, informative and locally focused content.