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Article Writing Services

Skilled writers delivering rich, informative content

Long-form content, including articles, white papers and ebooks, are becoming increasingly important for marketers and publishers alike. This type of content ranks better, earns greater traction on social media and allows your brand to distinguish itself as a thought leader.

With the article writing services from ProPRcopy, you get informative, well-written content you can post to your blog, distribute to local media and provide to your customers and leads across many different channels. This is your opportunity to show off your industry expertise and entice potential customers to work with you.

500 to 800 words
Original content
Free revisions
Keyword optimized
Up to 1200 words
Original content
Free revisions
Keyword optimized
1200+ words
Original content
Free revisions
Custom pricing

Article writing services customized to your business

There’s perhaps no better way to elevate your brand online than through a series of in-depth articles. This serves as a foundation for your content marketing efforts, allowing you to engage more potential customers through your blog, social media and other platforms.

We give you the power to break through the noise with your long-form content. With our article writing services, we transform your ideas into outstanding content, illustrating the value your business offers its customers. We even have experience writing long-form content for businesses across a wide range of niche industries and subject areas.

Why should you work with ProPRcopy?

We’re not your average copywriting agency. With ProPRcopy’s article writing services, you gain access to a writer who you can rely on for the best possible written content for your business or organization. Your writer is there to answer all your questions and even offer guidance on how you can use content marketing to your advantage when promoting your business online.

 Exceptional article content tailored to your brand
 Content optimized for both SEO & your audience
 Access to all U.S.-based article writers
 100% satisfaction guarantee
 Free revisions

“We tried using another content writer and let’s just say it didn’t work out. They gave us copy you just couldn’t read. We’re really happy with the stuff you sent us.”

Sara Y., Madison, WI

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