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Do you have some exciting news to share? The press release writers at ProPRcopy will help you get the word out with expertly written and distributed content. Our team includes former journalists, news editors and public relations professionals — and so we know what it takes to grab the attention of reporters, bloggers and your brand’s social media followers. We also assist with local and national distribution.

Whether you would like to create and distribute a press release for news coverage or search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, you have a dependable solution in ProPRcopy. Check out the options below:

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What makes our press release writers so special?

ProPRcopy can offer incredible value because of our team’s diverse experience. We have numerous writers on staff who have worked as news reporters for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, trade publications and TV and radio stations. Others have worked with PR firms and served as publicists to brands and high-profile athletes, celebrities and other public figures. We’ve seen both sides of the media relations world and know what journalists and bloggers look for when deciding on the news stories they want to cover.

Besides their practical experience, our press release writers are passionate people who are incredibly creative, talented and hard-working. They’re dedicated to helping our clients get the media attention they need and deserve. Plus, they offer an elevated level of customer service and are here to answer any questions you might have.

Make ProPRcopy your solution for press release writing and distribution.

  All U.S.-based press release writers
  Local and national distribution options
  Content optimized for your industry
  100% satisfaction guarantee
  Free revisions

“Our non-profit organization needed a release that was both good and fast. That’s exactly what you gave us.”

Kim H., Salem, OR