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We’re a team of content writers and editors with a passion for what we do. From bulk orders to boutique pieces, we’re ready to write for you.

We write. A lot. And we’re pretty good at it.

ProPRcopy was founded in 2009, at possibly the worst time in history to start a content writing agency. The Great Recession was in full swing and most companies didn’t understand or care about content marketing. Nevertheless, our little company started attracting clients. Flash forward to present day and we’re still here—now, with a lot more clients.

The content marketing landscape has changed a lot over the years, and we’ve evolved to keep pace with it. The one thing that hasn’t changed? Our unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s a big part of why we were able to find a foothold as a startup, and it’s the reason we’re still in business today.

Let us prove it to you.

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how it works

How do we deliver exceptional content so effectively? It all comes down to process. We work with you to establish an editorial calendar and a content strategy tailored to your brand, goals and target audience.

Step 1: Tell us About Your Content Needs

Interested in working with us? Give us with some basic information about your content needs, such as your industry, the type of content you’re looking for, your target audience and anything else you think is important for us to have. We recommend reaching out to one of our fantastic editors directly by filling out this form

Step 2: Start With an Initial Piece of Content

After we connect with you to discuss your needs, we like to write an initial piece of content (~500 words) as a sample. We never charge for this first assignment. It’s our opportunity for us to showcase our abilities, and to make sure we’re capable of meeting your expectations on this project (and hopefully future ones).

Step 3: Establish an Ongoing Cadence

If you’re looking for an ongoing content partner, well be glad to help you establish an editorial calendar that guides your content strategy. We map out your entire content strategy and cadence, including blog posts, articles, web copy, social media and various other types of content. We can even assist with topic ideation. If you need anything else, just ask us!

Step 4: Strategize and Evolve Your Content

Once you’ve approved your editorial calendar, we get right to work. You’ll work with the same editor for every project, giving you an elevated level of consistency in the quality of content you receive and publish. As your needs change, we can adjust your strategy and volume of content accordingly.



Just Tell Us what you Need

Whether you need a single high-level piece of content or hundreds of pages to help you execute at a high level each month, ProPRcopy is prepared to deliver unyielding quality. Let’s kick the tires on a successful content strategy.

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