In the beginning, there was a man with an idea—an idea so fantastic, so radical, that it would forever represent a paradigm shift in the world of content provision services. Why should small businesses, up-and-coming entities or even large corporations have to pay outlandish prices for a great copywriter service? Why, in a world full of creative ideas and talented writers, should a business be faced with outsourcing their content needs to low-quality “copy mills,” only to get back a sub-par product? And, in fact, why not create something better?

That man was Joe Donovan. His idea was ProPRcopy.

But no great idea can be built on the back of a single man. Joe needed a team, and a team starts with a leader. From the fast-paced world of politics, dredged up from behind a prominent politician’s campaign team, Joe found his leader.

That man was Steve Bailey. He is the Executive Editor and our fearless leader.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was ProPRcopy. Steve burned the midnight oil, writing blogs, articles, whitepapers and press releases, pushing forward on 24-hour deadlines while Joe concentrated on building the business. In no time Steve’s inbox filled up with request after request for unique and engaging copy, and though he exhibits a capacity that rivals entire marketing firms, his workload began to weigh. It was time to appoint a general: someone to help expand the borders of ProPRcopy’s fledgling empire.

That man was Tim Backes. He is a Senior Editor and the great communicator.

With Tim on board, ProPRcopy increased its workload, enlisted qualified writers and set its eyes on the horizon. Small inquiries for stellar copywriting services became large demands for entire content campaigns. In virtually no time at all, it was time to expand the empire again, and again the call was put forth. Answering that call was another skilled writer.

That man was Kyle Danowski. He is a Senior Editor and the steadfast workhorse.

Kyle quickly assumed a portion of the rapidly growing workload, and the company again grew. With the three expert editors—dare we say musketeers—leading the charge on client fulfillment and a pool of dedicated copywriters streaming in exceptional content, it was then that the company made a stunning realization: there was a content revolution taking place and ProPRcopy was leading the charge.

Marveling only for a moment at what they had created, the team hunkered down for more hard work. Helping to streamline the operations of this well-oiled machine, another face was enlisted in the cause.

That woman was Becky Huenink. She is our Business Manager and she makes the trains run on time.

And so we reach the status of ProPRcopy today: Joe, continuing to build and strengthen the copywriter service through constant innovation; Steve, overseeing the team and building upon the client relationships that have taken it so far; Tim, Kyle and Allison managing the abundant number of amazing writers working to create unparalleled content; and Becky, keeping everything in line and up to date.

It began with an idea. It grew into a demand. It stands as a copywriter service empire.


Kyle Danowski is a senior editor with ProPRcopy.