blogging best practicesThe only real constant is change. There’s perhaps no place that statement is truer than the digital landscape, where marketers and content creators must remain up to date with the latest blogging best practices.

What are the best ways to get across your key messages in 2017? It starts with providing value to your audience and ensuring you create content your readers and viewers find useful and informative. And, as Google and the other search engines continue to update their algorithms and methods for ranking content, there are a few concepts you should know and implement.

Below are a few blogging best practices to understand as you plan your digital marketing strategy:

Invert the pyramid

In Journalism 101, we learn about a writing technique called the inverted pyramid. The most relevant information should be at the top of your article, blog post or other piece of content. This proven method has been a tenant of journalism for more than a century and helps get your point across quickly and clearly. Less relevant information can appear later in the article.

Keep it concise

There’s no shortage of content on the internet. To stand out from everyone else, writers must keep their content short and to the point. Doing so helps readers digest and comprehend your content quickly rather than having to dig for the information they need.

Know your audience

As with just about any form of marketing, a deep understanding of your target audience is a key component of effective blog content creation. Write about issues and subjects that are relevant to your audience, especially if you can help solve a problem for them.

Use keywords strategically

Take the time to conduct at least basic keyword research and determine which words and phrases people are likely to use when searching for your products or services online. However, the days in which stuffing as many keywords into your content as possible and still have it rank well are long gone. Write first for your audience and then see if you can incorporate keywords into the content.

Format for the web

Short paragraphs, bullet points, strong headings and descriptive subheadings make digital-based content easier to read and consume. People tend to use an F-shaped pattern when reading content online. They generally avoid long blocks or paragraphs of text. Also consider using images relevant to the content in question.

Always offer value

Again, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when generating blog content is to ensure it provides value. Posts that exclusively promote your business and don’t offer helpful information or tips to your readers will not get the traction you need. Writing useful content will help you rank better and build trust with the members of your target audience.

As you work to remain relevant and attract new customers in an ever-changing digital world, keep these blogging best practices top of mind. If you need assistance developing high-impact content for your blog, website, social media or other platforms, consult a team of experienced copywriters.

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