blog writing, blog writersBig-time restaurant chains tend to have a large online presence—it’s sort of expected out of companies of a certain size.

But smaller, local restaurants usually have no more than a simple website with a menu and service hours, along with some social media profiles. However, they tend not to have much content outside of those platforms. But in an age in which content marketing is more important than ever before, it’s important for all restaurants to consider the power of blog content writing as part of their online marketing efforts.

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Here are a few reasons why:

  • Blog content helps boost local search. For restaurants, local search is extremely important. When potential customers type something in to Google like “north side Chicago restaurants,” they’re going to get a list of restaurants that a) come highly recommended and b) have a significant online presence. Creating regular, quality blog content for your website can help you rise in the ranks in local search and get more attention from those in your area looking to try a new place to eat.
  • Blogs help develop better connections with your customers. People become more emotionally attached to restaurants than many other types of businesses. Blog writing (and content marketing in general) helps foster these connections. If you incorporate a personal, welcoming tone in your blog content, people who read it will be more likely to want to come back and dine with you.
  • Blogs keep your customers informed. Sure, you can use social media to rattle off lists of specials for the day—and that’s a great idea. But with blog content writing, you can go more in depth and provide updates about exciting news at your restaurant, upcoming events you’re holding, special promotions and more.
  • Blog writing can feed your social media pages. It always helps to have some extra content to post on your social media pages, and new blog posts can easily become engaging social media fodder.

Take a close look at your current content marketing strategy for your restaurant. Are you doing enough to make sure you’re staying ahead of the competition? If not, consider reaching out to a skilled team of blog writers for the assistance and support you need.