legal copywriterIn many ways, writing content for attorneys, law firms and legal organizations is different than any other industry. Law firms are strictly regulated in terms of how they can present themselves on their websites, blogs and marketing materials, and the issues they deal with on a daily basis are complex and difficult for the average person without a law degree to understand. Thus, it takes a special type of legal copywriter to develop consistently rich and informative content for these purposes.

Many law firms across the United States have found it extremely challenging to find a legal copywriter to allow them to effectively update their web copy, write regular blog content and press releases, develop engaging social media posts and create strong marketing materials. While most writers and editors can handle marketing copy in general, very few have the knowledge or skill to take complicated legal concepts and communicate them in a way that non-lawyers can easily understand.

This begs an obvious question — why can’t attorneys, who have the most knowledge and experience with these complex subjects, simply write the content themselves? There are a number of reasons why this isn’t always feasible.

First, there’s the issue of time. Attorneys are busy people and they can rarely afford to take time away from their caseloads to sit down and write website or blog content on a consistent basis. Too often, law firms that try to develop regular content in-house find that after a fast start, their blogs and social media profiles fall by the wayside. Clients come first, and it’s easy to forget about marketing when you need to address the immediate concerns in front of you.

Another reason why attorneys have trouble writing blog and website content is that their knowledge is so focused that they find it difficult to break issues down to a level that average people can comprehend. After years of law school and legal practice, many lawyers have trouble stepping outside of the bubble. This is a challenge for professionals across all types of industries, as once you’ve acquired such extensive knowledge in a particular area, it’s tough to know what non-experts already understand versus the subjects on which they need to be further educated.

Working with an experienced legal copywriter

For these reasons, many law firms are turning to professional legal copywriters to develop the content they need to better engage existing and potential clients and position themselves as thought leaders in the legal field. These writers and editors need to be highly trained in writing compelling and informative legal content while meeting the requirements and restrictions of bar associations and state and federal laws.

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Steve Bailey is president of ProPRcopy, one of the nation’s leading providers of fast, affordable and professional copywriting services.