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When you work with a strong copywriter, you do more than generate content. You create narratives and share stories that help you increase your customer base and elevate your brand.

There are a lot of people out there claiming to be professional copywriters. Today, we’re busting some common myths to help you with hiring the best copywriter for your business.

Myth #1: Anyone can be a copywriter

While it is true that copywriters come from fields ranging from advertising to journalism to traditional literature, not just anyone can be a successful copywriter. It’s important that your writer has experience with blog content, website copy, press releases and more. Copywriters should also be more than just grammar nerds—they should also know how to market your business effectively by leveraging key messages.

Myth #2: Copywriters aren’t team players

When you think of a copywriter, do you imagine someone in a small, secluded office, pecking away at a typewriter?

The truth is, the best writers do more than craft copy. They go the extra mile to understand your brand and pride themselves on being effective partners. From the beginning brainstorming process to the final product, great copywriters will welcome and thrive on constructive feedback.

If you’ve hired someone who doesn’t make an effort to know your people or your brand, it’s time to find a new copywriter.

Myth #3: Copywriters are ‘just writers’

Trust us, we know—writing isn’t easy! Anyone who has faced serious writer’s block can see the value of bringing in an outside expert from time to time.

As a bonus, modern copywriters bring a toolbox of skills to their work. In our digital world, copywriters can help you navigate search engine optimization (SEO) and think about other pieces, like videos or infographics, that can enhance your content.

When hiring the best copywriter, resist the urge to focus solely on your candidates’ writing samples. Take into account everything you’ll need that person to do to bolster your brand in an increasingly competitive content marketing landscape.