seo copywriter

Your search ranking is an important element of any online marketing strategy.

As you develop your blog writing and website content efforts, you need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront of your mind if you hope to rank well on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the rest. Recent statistics highlight the importance of SEO, as studies show the top three results in any search query result in 61 percent of all search clicks, and 75 percent of search engine users never browse beyond the first page of results.

Of course, successful SEO is just as much about the things you avoid doing as what you actually do. With this in mind, here are some common SEO mistakes you should strive to avoid at all costs when it comes to your digital copywriting:

  • Keyword stuffing: Long gone are the days of trying to jam as many keywords into your blog content writing as possible. Google will actually punish any digital content that clearly engages in keyword stuffing, so it’s time to abandon this outdated tactic.
  • Broken links: Make sure all of your links work before you hit “publish.” Search engines punish blog and web content that has broken links. Even after you’ve published your blog content, make sure you go back every now and then to review and make sure your links are still working.
  • Plagiarism: While it’s OK to use other content as a resource and inspiration, it’s unethical and possibly illegal to copy content word for word without attribution, and will also result in poor search engine rankings. Google might even remove your blog content from its index entirely if it realizes you are plagiarizing on a regular basis.
  • Low quality: Google and the other search engines want to provide users with high-quality copywriting, so it will reward content marketers who actually put time into their work. Never hurry through your website or blog writing. Instead, work to build a solid digital marketing strategy, choose interesting and relevant topics and, most importantly, make sure it’s all well written.
  • Not using analytics: If you are not trying to analyze your website traffic and other analytic information, then you really cannot get any grasp on how you can improve your online presence. SEO only works well if you’re willing to take the time to inspect your analytics and make adjustments to your campaign and your content as time goes on.

If you would like to develop strong blog content, website copy and other written content on a regular basis for your online marketing campaign, consider reaching out to a respected copywriting service.