We work with business owners and marketing managers every day who are looking to establish a blog for their company. While starting a blog is almost always a good idea, especially for SEO and content marketing purposes, it’s important that your blog content have a unique voice that reflects your brand.

Some organizations, for example, prefer to keep a straightforward, formal tone for their blog posts, providing good content on a variety of subjects and positioning themselves as a reliable source for information. Other companies like to keep their blog content less formal, providing engaging subject matter that may also feature a twist of humor.

Regardless of the path you choose, be sure to keep your blog content consistent among all of your posts. While it might take some time, you’ll begin to establish a distinctive voice for your brand.

There are a number of companies out there that provide outstanding blog content on a regular basis:


Zappos dominates when it comes to social media, so it’s no surprise that its blog content is superior, as well. The company maintains several different blogs focusing on different things, and each stays constantly updated with engaging posts.


Patagonia’s blog is often cited as a great example of providing informal content that truly reaches its target audience. The company’s blog topics range from travel stories to environmental issues, which certainly strike a chord with its key customer base. In fact, few of Patagonia’s blog posts actually focus on outdoor apparel and gear, which is what the company sells.


Amazon’s Web Services Blog takes simplicity to the max, using an unassuming Typepad layout. Users cite Amazon’s blog content as extremely helpful, however, with posts that cover a wide range of technical support issues.


The real estate website’s blog does a great job of integrating social media, and features a seamless design that draws readers into its content. The copywriting itself is also great, featuring essentially all of the information a potential homebuyer might need when looking for properties.

Emerson Salon

Emerson Salon in Seattle is a great example of how a small business can create and maintain an outstanding company blog. The salon not only has strong content and a great design, but it also makes its brand personal. Blog content regularly focuses on individual stylists, and the business aims to create a community both online and in its salon.

Obviously, these are just a handful of the many terrific company blogs out there. If you would like to set up a blog for your business or organization, check them out for examples of what works well. Of course, you can also contact a copywriter with ProPRcopy to develop regular blog content for your brand.