outsourced copywriting servicesOne of the things our copywriters hear from business owners who are thinking about launching a content creation strategy is that they don’t feel like there are enough interesting subjects they could possibly cover in their articles, blog posts and other content.

It’s true that not every business is fortunate enough to have the exciting marketing opportunities afforded to companies like Apple or GoPro, which operate in dynamic industries. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on content marketing. There are likely many more opportunities than you might think to share industry news, insights and information with the members of your target audience.

To help your business make this happen, our experienced content writers and editors have provided some tips below.

Stay relevant

You might find it difficult to come up with compelling blog topic ideas—or even any topic ideas at all—after you’ve been engaged in a content strategy for some time. There’s going to be the temptation to start writing about topics unrelated to your business just to get more traffic, but that’s not always a good idea.

It’s better to have fewer, but much more relevant, posts that are of high quality rather than bunch of content that really has nothing to do to your business or industry. Plus, if these topics do catch on, the only leads they are going to generate are those that don’t have much interest in your company’s products and services. 

Be informational

You can always count on data, charts, infographics and images to grab the attention of readers. These types of content are also highly shareable, which can help you to build traffic and garner more interest in your brand. Consider the role visuals can play in your content creation efforts.   

Have a conversation

If there is a perception that your industry is too boring, then the last thing you want is to have boring content. Inject some personality into your content, and try to make your approach as personal as possible. The best copywriters will develop content that feels as if your brand is having a conversation with the reader—rather than feeling like someone’s reading out of a textbook.

Leverage all opportunities

It can actually be something of an advantage to be a business in a “boring” industry, as other companies are likely to be lax in their marketing efforts. You will have less competition for keywords and content topics, which can provide more opportunities for you to establish yourself as a major player in your industry.

Content creation can be a critical aspect of a company’s marketing and advertising strategy, regardless of the industries in which they compete. If you need assistance with topic development, editorial calendars or content writing services, reach out to a team of professional copywriters and editors.