financial content writersOver the next two months, people across the United States will be going over their financial information and filing their taxes with the IRS. This is by far the busiest time of year for accountants and financial professionals, who are flooded with individuals and businesses that need reliable assistance with their tax preparation and other accounting needs.

If you would really like to stand out from the other firms in your area this tax season, then content marketing is an absolute must. Through compelling, informative blog content, articles, social media updates, white papers and other content, you can show your readers—and potential clients—why your firm is the best choice for them.

Content tips for tax blog creators

A good place to start is with your blog content, where you may cover various tax tips, such as helpful advice on the various deductions people often overlook, some general guidance on filling out tax forms and anything else that could be useful as readers prepare to file their taxes. Many people are taking to the Internet to look for help on their taxes at this time of year, and so this type of blog content can be incredibly useful to them.

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This is also a great time to update your website copy—as Google and other search engines reward sites with regularly refreshed content. Although informative financial blog writing provides a constant supply of new content, updating your website on a quarterly basis can also help keep your copy fresh. Tax season is a natural time of year to update your web content, as you can gear your primary landing pages toward potential clients who are searching for tax-related assistance.

Another way you can garner some attention for your accounting or financial services firm is to create regular press releases and distributing them both online and to the local news media.

These releases may announce new or improved services you have to offer and provide potential customers with information about your firm and its work. This can help you connect with people you would not have otherwise reached.

Finally, many accounting firms create and distribute white papers and case studies to showcase their expertise through more in-depth content. White papers tend to be longer and more comprehensive than a standard piece of blog content or article. When done well, accounting white papers and case studies are useful to readers and give them even more reason to seek your tax planning and financial consulting services.

Effective tax and accounting blog content ideas

Although there are many components to a successful content marketing strategy, the “home base” for these efforts is typically a company blog. If your firm and its team members are having difficulty coming up with blog content topics, however, consider the following ideas to get started:

  • How to choose a tax accountant: Go over some of the most important considerations when choosing a professional to help with tax planning and preparation. You may write this from either a business or individual perspective.
  • The most common tax mistakes: Your potential clients are often worried that they’re making some sort of avoidable mistake on their tax forms. Give your readers a list of some of the most common errors, and they can check the list to make sure they haven’t made these mistakes themselves.
  • A comprehensive tax season checklist: Offer your readers a checklist of everything they need to do when filing their taxes, from getting the necessary forms to filing with the correct office. This checklist has great evergreen blog content potential, as it can be reused on other platforms and carries a great deal of value for your readers.
  • An overview of common tax deductions: Remind your readers of some of the common—or even uncommon—tax deductions they could qualify for to help them save money this year and next.
  • An overview tax forms: Different people could need to use different forms when filing their taxes. Give an overview of W2s, 1099s and all the other types of forms individuals and businesses might have to fill out this season so they know what they do and do not need.

Your tax and accounting blog content can be a great resource for readers all year long, but it’s during tax season that you have the greatest opportunity to bring in new readers and establish better leads. If you need assistance, consider working with a professional financial content writing service for topic generation, strategy, writing and editing.