content marketing for law firmsIn the legal world, trust is everything.

This is true not only in the way you serve your existing clients, but also in how you present yourself to legal consumers online. Your prospective clients should know that you have a wealth of experience in your area of practice—and that you are able to provide them with the right resources, services and guidance to help solve their legal challenges.

To that end, increasing numbers of attorneys and law firms across the country are using the power of content marketing to establish this sense of trust with the people searching online for the legal services they offer. This typically starts with a blog, where legal content writers can share information and insights on a wide range of topics—essentially showcasing their knowledge and experience to potential clients. Other key elements of a good legal content marketing campaign include articles, case studies, social media content, press releases and regularly refreshed website copy.

Establishing a voice

One of the top benefits of a cohesive content marketing campaign for law firms is that it allows them to establish a voice and personality for their team. They can choose to position themselves as strong and professional, knowledgeable and aggressive or compassionate and warm—or a combination of the three.

Legal content writers can develop a consistent tone and cover relevant topics that gradually build and audience and give potential clients a better idea of what to expect when seeking the firm’s counsel. The content can (and often should) have a local approach—especially if the firm in question competes for clients in a particular city, county or region—and feature topics on local legal issues and events.

One way in which attorneys can make their legal articles and blog content more personal is to publish a weekly or monthly “mailbag” column in which they answer questions from readers. This further demonstrates that the firm is dedicated to helping its clients, and gives attorneys the ability to proactively answer common questions their potential clients are likely to have.

Boosting website traffic

Regularly publishing high-quality legal content is a key element of improving a website’s Google search rankings. It’s no longer enough to just have good, static content on a site’s landing pages, and attorneys and law firms are well served by blogging consistently, keywords and phrases in their content whenever possible.

Furthermore, if they are regularly publishing new blog content, people who liked previous posts of a particular law firm will be more likely to come back for more in the future. With each returning visit from a reader, a law firm increases the chances that person will eventually become an actual client.

Blog posts and articles also give legal content writers the ability to go more in-depth on specific topics that may be relevant to potential clients. Attorneys can use these platforms to demonstrate their extensive knowledge on various areas of practice, while again providing a great deal of value to readers. It’s only a matter of time before this value translates into more leads for a law firm.

Working with a content partner

Although the benefits of content marketing for law firms are clear, there remains one very substantial problem: attorneys are often so busy that they rarely have time to write articles and blog content on a consistent basis.

This is why so many law firms are turning to professional legal content development services to help them develop content strategies and create the blog posts, articles, web copy, press releases and various other types of written content they need. These companies staff skilled legal content writers who know how to take complex subjects and break them down for members of a target audience.

If your law firm could use the help of a team of writers in your legal content creation efforts, working with a team of content writers may be a good option.