content marketing

It’s certainly not easy to predict the future. But here on the first official workday of 2016, we feel it’s a good time to look at the year ahead and consider what could be in store in the world of content marketing.

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We’re seeing a definite shift in marketing trends and the way people are interacting with brands, including the following:

  • “Relationship” marketing: Forming strong relationships with customers is a time-honored tactic, but this process has evolved along with the changes in how consumers interact with their favorite brands. People expect more out of brands than ever these days when it comes to the quality of service provided to them. What can you do in 2016 to go above and beyond in delivering high-quality services to your customers?
  • Mobile technology: By now, most people are familiar with the importance of mobile marketing and just how much of an increase there has been in smartphone and tablet use over the last several years. There are more searches performed on mobile devices than any other types of devices—including laptops and desktop computers—and Google is putting more emphasis in its algorithms on providing extra bumps to mobile-friendly websites. At this point, it’s not just a bonus to your marketing to consider mobile users—it’s an absolute necessity.
  • Content marketing: Much in the same way as mobile technology, content marketing now isn’t so much an emerging trend as it is an aspect of marketing that businesses must engage if they hope to keep up with the competition. If your brand has not already begun developing its own original content in the form of blog posts, images, videos and more, it’s time to get going.
  • Constant tweaks in digital marketing: Users online have very short attention spans, so you must be able to constantly adjust your content marketing strategies to make sure you’re keeping their attention. Businesses that are constantly able to find new ways to engage their target audience online are in the best position for long-term success.

These are just a few of the trends likely to dominate the content marketing world in 2016. To be sure, it will be important for businesses across nearly all industries to develop quality articles, blog content, website copy, social media content and various other types of marketing content that strikes a tone with their target audiences.

Are there any trends you would add to this list?