What Types of Dental Content Writing does Your Practice Need?

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Why do Dentists Need Content Writing?

When you step into your practice each day and look at the patient roster, your content marketing strategy is the last thing on your mind. You’re thinking about the root canal first thing in the morning, the cavity fill you’ve got right after lunch,...

What Does Hiring a Dental Writer Cost and is it Worth it?

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What Subjects Should a Dental Article Writer Cover?

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Using a Dental Blog to Simplify Procedures for Patients

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Dental Copywriters Who Understand Your Practice and Your Patients

Dentists have a very unique base of clientele. Most people know they should visit a dentist, but have fear or anxiety that leads them to delay making an appointment. Others are embarrassed by their teeth, or have an oral condition they dread facing. Needless to say, dentists have to overcome considerable emotional barriers just to get their patients in the door and in a chair.

Before they call to schedule an appointment, patients will make every effort to get information online. Unfortunately, this usually means confirming their worst fears by reading an unreliable source. Toothaches turn into oral cancer and at-home remedies start to sound like a better idea than a dental appointment. It all amounts to fear, mistrust and a certain amount of agony!

How Does Content Marketing Help Dentists?

One of the best ways to quell fear, provide information and promote trust among your patients is through content marketing. Simple blog articles, friendly social media posts and well-written website content makes your practice the de-facto resource for knowledge.

Instead of falling down the WebMD rabbit hole over a toothache, patients can read your blog to get real perspective on their tooth pain. A social post that pops up in their feed might remind them to try a certain brushing habit or oral health product. Or, they might share an article from your website with a friend who recently chipped a tooth. Soon, patients know that your website has the answers to their questions, and they don’t need to look anywhere else to get them. You’re the authority—one they’re not afraid to call and schedule an appointment with.

You Need a Professional Dental Content Writer

To convey, convince and console your patients, it takes a good dental copywriter—someone who can create easy-to-read, easy-to-understand content for patients. For blog articles, website content, social media and anything else you need, there’s ProPRcopy.

Our dental content writers work with a broad range of dentists, clinics, practices and professional organizations, helping them provide valuable insights to existing and potential patients. We develop informative dental content that enhances dental marketing efforts, focusing on treatments, procedures and techniques that benefit your patients. From insightful dental blog content to informative website copy, engaging social media posts to ongoing email marketing copy, ProPRcopy dental copywriters understand the message you’re trying to send. Learn more about how we can help you develop a distinguished content creation strategy your patients can trust.

Cosmetic Dentistry

People want whiter, straighter, healthier-looking teeth. But first, they want information about the procedures that will give them a movie-star smile. Let us help you write informatively about whitening, veneers, clear aligners, bridges, implants, enamel contouring and more. We help patients understand the value of an investment in cosmetic dental.

Family Dentistry

From pediatric dental to oral care for seniors, our capacity to produce informative dental content spans every member of the family. Let us help you explain to mom why she grinds her teeth, or teach kids why flouride treatments are so important. Our dental writers cover broad topics in plain English, so patients can understand their oral health and why it matters.


In the age of invisible aligners, it’s more important than ever for your practice to stand out. We help you explain why a visit to the orthodontist is better for patients than a discount mail-order aligner service. Plus, we can educate your patients about the topics that matter most, including care for braces and aligners, and benefits beyond a straighter smile.


Our dental writers are broadly familiar with topics in periodontology and can distill even high-level topics down to informative articles for your patients. Let us help you keep your patients mindful of periodontal disease, including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced writers go beyond the basics to provide real, actionable information.

Quality, Affordable Dental Content

Contact our experienced dental writers for professional-caliber content writing and give your patients a reason to trust you with their oral health. Fill out the form below and we’ll talk soon.