It doesn’t matter if you’re selling shoes on your website or promoting complex legal services — one of the most important tips for improving the effectiveness of your website and overall online presence is to provide your readers with great content. High-quality content attracts people to your site and keeps them engaged, while also significantly impacting your search engine optimization efforts.

Before you start developing content for your blog, social media or other platforms, first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you creating content for your audience?
  2. Are your topics engaging and relevant?
  3. Is your focus to solve a problem and help your current or potential clients?
  4. Do you have an effective call to action?

Take all of these questions into consideration before you start writing or creating content, and you’ll do a better job of giving people what they need — positioning your brand as a useful source of meaningful information in the process.

Let’s examine each of these areas a little more closely:

1. Know your target audiences and write for them. It might be tempting to write for your peers or others in your industry, but you must consider your target market and write accordingly. Review your current website copy, blog content and social media content. Are you engaging new clients or customers through these channels, or are you turning them away with content that doesn’t interest them?

2. Simplify your content. Once you truly get to know your target audience, you can deliver content that’s relevant for them — and keep it to that. Explore topics your customers would be interested in reading. Find common problems your readers may be facing and offer solutions. Keep your messages short and to the point.

3. Keep your audience engaged. Make sure your website copy and blog content is compelling enough to keep people interested. People reading copy online have somewhat short attention spans, but offering engaging content allows you to truly capture them.

4. Provide strong calls to action. Once readers take in your content, especially your website copy, they should know exactly what to do to get in contact with your business or organization. You don’t need to be aggressive, but it should be made clear that your brand is the place to turn for further guidance on whatever issue you’ve been discussing.

Developing strong content for your website or blog is a great way to draw customers and boost your search rankings. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your content marketing campaign.