cheap writing serviceWhen operating on a tight budget, many companies make the mistake of dialing back their marketing activities in an effort save costs. This might seem to make sense at first, but it can have very detrimental, long-term effects on a business.

However, if your company is struggling to find the resources to fund a digital marketing strategy, there are some very cost-effective practices, such as working with a cheap writing service, you can use to continue to promote your brand to your potential customers. Our skilled writers offer some ideas below:

Content creation

You may think that creating great content through blog posts, articles and social media is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. For a fairly modest investment, you can work with a cheap writing service to develop regular, high-quality blog content, white papers, articles and content for your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Not only is this affordable, but it’s also extremely effective in the long term for building organic leads to your website. By consistently creating and publishing useful, informative content, you can build trust in the eyes of your target audience and provide a boost to your search engine rankings. 

Research keywords

Although the days of keyword stuffing are long since past, using keywords and phrases strategically within your content is still an effective practice for search engine optimization (SEO). When you refresh your website content, which you should do every several months, be sure to pepper in some of your most effective keywords.

If you’re unsure which keywords your company should be optimizing, try using Yoast Suggests or Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner. These are two highly effective and easy-to-use keyword research tools.

Content curating

An important aspect of successful content marketing is finding and sharing relevant content from other sources that your audience might find interesting or helpful. This can also work as a subtle nod to other content creators that you find their work interesting—and it could even lead to them sharing your content as some point down the future. When this happens, it can be great for your content marketing and SEO strategy.

Mobile optimization

The number of people who use mobile devices as their primary means of browsing the web now outnumbers those who primarily use desktop browsers. This means you absolutely must optimize your website and blog for mobile devices. Fortunately, most of today’s themes—particularly responsive design themes—automatically optimize themselves for mobile.

If you don’t have a mobile-ready site, you should spend the little extra to create one. A web developer should be able to do this for you relatively cheaply.

Social media interaction

Social media isn’t just about creating content and pushing it out for your followers to (hopefully) consume. Rather, it’s about building relationships and directly engaging your audience. You can have direct conversations with your customers without having to spend much money, and it goes a long way toward fomenting the strength of your brand.

Remember, digital and content marketing is still an investment, but it’s often much less expensive and often more effective than more traditional forms of advertising. We encourage you to stay focused on your marketing, even during lean times.

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