facebook copywriting servicesOn Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, users have the opportunity to “like” social media profiles and status updates, as a way to show their approval or support of what they’re friends or favorite brands and organizations are saying online.

For the most part, this is a passive action. It doesn’t take any more effort than a simple click to “like” a piece of social media content—and most users move on quickly after doing so.

So how can you make sure people actually like your brand on social media, and perhaps go further than simply clicking “like” on your profile or status update? Here are a few tips from our expert social media content writers:

  • Post original content: You don’t have to post only original content, but a majority of what you share should be original and relevant to your audience. This covers everything ranging from simple Facebook statuses to videos, pictures, infographics and polls. If you are creating original blog content, be sure to share it on social media, as well.
  • Be responsive: When users post comments, complaints or questions, respond to them professionally and in a timely manner. People like to know you have heard their thoughts and actually care about them. By being more responsive and active, you will also get more shares and likes now and in the future.
  • Hold occasional giveaways or contests: Contests are great for several reasons. First and most obviously, it’s an excellent tool to gain more followers and higher levels of engagement across your platforms. But more importantly, it can go a long way toward boosting follower morale and improving the way people see your brand. Besides, who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • Post regularly, but not too much: It might take some testing to figure out exactly how often you should post social media content, but a general rule of thumb is to avoid posting more than once or twice per day. You should at least aim to post several times a week, as having an inactive account can reflect poorly on your brand.
  • Be personable: Think of your brand as a person with an actual personality—and write your social media content and responses in kind. This will help you to be much more relatable and engaging in the eyes of your followers and potential customers.
  • Stay away from controversy: This should be obvious, but there are plenty of brands that break this rule and experience a great deal of backlash because of it. If you think something you post could be deemed as offensive or inflammatory, consider not publishing it at all.

Social media is a long game

Remember, success with social media marketing doesn’t come overnight. It takes a long time to gradually earn the respect and loyalty of followers, with the ultimate goal of converting those followers to customers. By following the above tips and offering consistent, engaging social media content, you’ll be well on your way to setting your brand apart online.

If you could use assistance with your content marketing strategy when it comes to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a skilled social media content writer for further guidance and advice.