ebook writing servicesIn today’s crowded world of digital content, most brands are looking for creative ways to generate leads, build trust and set themselves apart from their competitors. And with content marketing moving increasingly toward lengthy, highly informative content, e-books are a great way to provide your target audience with insights only you can offer.

When done well, e-books provide several unique benefits that make them a great tool to add to your content marketing arsenal. Let’s take a look at a few of the most significant perks.

Establish your brand as a credible source

Although regular blog content is an absolute must for just about any company’s digital marketing strategy, this channel only goes so far in positioning a brand as a thought leader in its field. Long-form content, including e-books and white papers, drive home your expertise and credibility, as you have more room to explore various angles on your main subject.

Additionally, people who download e-books are actively looking for more in-depth information on a specific subject. By delivering this content to your customers, you enhance your credibility. In short, a well-written, well-structured e-book delivers tremendous value to your current and potential customers—and that will pay off in the long term.

A cost-effective marketing tool

When you consider how valuable an e-book can be for your brand and its audience, combined with how little one costs to create, it quickly becomes apparent why many businesses are working with providers of e-book writing services. While you will need to invest some time and resources to create the content, the returns you are likely to see more than make up for it.

You may also repurpose your e-book content in a number of ways, lengthening its lifespan. For example, if you are in need of blog content, infographics or social media content as part of your marketing strategy, you may repackage some of the information or talking points from your e-book and repurpose them for other channels.

Distribution is relatively easy

One of the most significant challenges of content marketing is ensuring your target audience actually consumes the content you have developed. There are numerous distribution options with e-books that actually make this easier than finding the right audience for blog posts and other types of content.

You could, for example, use various self-publishing digital platforms. Or, you could make your e-book available through Amazon. There’s no shortage of resources for getting your e-book into the right hands.

Part of an effective sales funnel

Are you looking to give people an extra incentive to sign up for your email newsletters on your website? A good way to do this—and to generate more leads in the process—is to offer something of value in return. If you offer your e-book for free, users are often happy to provide you with some contact information in exchange.

This, in turn, makes your email marketing more effective, as a significant portion of the contacts you have are individuals who have already shown an interest in your company and what you have to offer.

As you begin to plan your content strategy for e-books, think of the various questions or challenges facing your target audience. Through an e-book, you can create highly detailed content specifically targeted toward this audience, positioning your brand as an expert and keeping your current and potential customers eager for more insights.

Working with an e-book writing service is your best option to accomplish this. Professional copywriters deliver content that will resonate with your audience in way they can easily digest and use.