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We know that creating great content isn’t easy. Once you’ve crafted that perfect piece of blog content, engaging video or well-researched white paper, it’s smart to think about how you can get in front of more people—especially your potential customers.

If you’re looking to dust off gems that are gathering dust in your blog content archives, try these tips to increase your reach:

Reimagine long-form content

Do you have a long e-book or white paper? Break it into shorter chunks that can easily be re-shared or relinked in other blog content.

If you have an e-newsletter, offer your e-book or white paper as a free download to new subscribers. There’s no better time to capture their attention and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Republish through social media

Our digital world is cluttered and noisy, so posting your content just once often doesn’t yield the best results. If you’ve have evergreen blog content, you can repost pieces multiple times on Facebook and Twitter to reach fresh readers. Invest in promoted posts to extend who your content reaches even further.

But don’t ignore content that doesn’t have a forever shelf life. Examine your analytics to find your most popular content, and repost it as an “in case you missed it” feature. If you post frequently enough, a weekly or monthly roundup of your favorite articles and blog content can also drive more traffic and shares.

Go big with syndication

Pitching your content for syndication is a long-term play, and it doesn’t come with guaranteed success. But if an industry influencer or a popular publication picks up your blog or article content, it can provide exceptional return on investment.

To increase the likelihood of syndication, position yourself as an expert or influencer in your industry. Ask to guest post on other blogs, stay active on social media and, above all, be consistent in sharing relevant, well-produced content. This is the most organic way to develop relationships with editors who can promote you as a blog writer.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin researching niche publications. It’s easier to form a relationship with a specialized industry blog than with The New York Times, for obvious reasons.

Expanding the reach of your content means you first have to tell a compelling, relevant story. Don’t compromise quality in the pursuit of quantity.