Public relations is a dynamic field that involves many different types of media and strategies to help businesses and organizations reach out to their customers and key stakeholder groups. There are many misconceptions about PR, however, and we would like to debunk a few of them:

Myth #1: PR content is all about writing press releases. Although consistent, engaging press releases are an important aspect of good public relations, they alone do not make for an effective strategy. Today it’s important to incorporate various types of content into your PR campaign, including blog content, social media and articles.

Myth #2: PR pros only need to be “people persons.” Being personable certainly helps in this field, but you must also be a great copywriter, an excellent time manager and a creative thinker to best serve businesses and organizations.

Myth #3: PR is easy. Some folks think that public relations professionals are always out schmoozing, networking and throwing parties. In reality, PR isn’t really all that glamorous at all. It involves a lot of planning and an incredible amount of work. In many cases, your work comes home with you at the end of the day.

Myth #4: Good PR will get you on TV. In the past, securing an interview on TV or other traditional news media was the telltale sign that a PR professional had done his or her job. That’s no longer the case. TV appearances are always nice, but an effective PR professional will use a wide variety of channels to get your messages to your target audience.

Myth #5: Big PR agencies are better than smaller, independent firms. Large public relations companies have a lot of resources at their disposal, but even smaller firms can develop and implement a truly outstanding PR campaign. Don’t rule out the boutique agencies.

There’s nothing quite like working in the field of public relations, but the industry is a little different from the common perceptions out there. We hope that these debunked myths help you understand PR a little better — and how it can help your business reach greater levels of success.