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A recent report from Bloomberg News indicates Google is now using an artificial intelligence system known as RankBrain to interpret a large amount of search queries.

This system is specifically meant to help sort out queries the search engine giant deems unrecognizable. It could have a fairly sizable impact on businesses engaged in search engine marketing. Here are some of the effects you might expect from RankBrain:

  • More accurate search results: The more search queries RankBrain takes on, the more it learns what exactly users are searching for when they enter certain words or phrases into the search tool. This means Google will ultimately be able to provide search results based on a user’s intent, rather than just what has been typed in. The old phrase “garbage in, garbage out” may no longer apply once RankBrain becomes sufficiently adept.
  • Reviews will have a bigger influence in search rankings: The way people write reviews on websites like Google Reviews, Yelp or TripAdvisor is very similar to the way they search for specific items or businesses, according to top search engine marketing experts. A person might search “best brunch in Denver” and be provided with a list of restaurant websites that include reviews written by people referring to that specific location as the city’s best brunch spot. Because of this, reviews are expected to play a larger role in search rankings.
  • Paid search ads could become more valuable: With mobile search surpassing desktop search, there is less space for advertisers to capture than ever before—and the value of search engine ads has gone down. But with the AI improving search relevancy, marketers will be more likely to get conversions, which in turn justifies the rates they pay despite having to work with a smaller space.
  • Voice search will play a bigger role: By implementing an AI system that relies heavily on machine learning, it would seem Google expects voice search to continue to grow and account for a larger amount of search queries. The queries people use in voice searches tend to be worded differently than searches they type out.

As Google continues to implement RankBrain, it will be interesting to see the effects—intended and unintended—on the world of search engine and content marketing.