writing for GoogleAfter several months of anticipation, Google has finally rolled out its new mobile-friendly algorithm update.

With the update, officially launched in mid-May, the search engine giant aims to improve search results for mobile users, which now make up a majority of web traffic worldwide. In many ways, the update has not had a huge impact on businesses, especially those who already had mobile-friendly websites. According to Google, the update only impacts mobile search results, and thus desktop sites should be largely unaffected.

As a result of the rollout, mobile-friendly pages should rank a little higher than they did before. Non-mobile friendly pages may still rank well, but only if they have quality content on them. Of course, it’s likely only a matter of time before these pages see significant declines in mobile search results.

For brands engaged in online and content marketing, this latest Google update may indicate where the search engine is going—toward more mobile-friendly experiences for users. Thus, in addition to high-quality, informative and impactful content, brands should be sure to maintain websites and blogs that are easy for mobile users to access and view.

This process doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Most WordPress themes today have automatic mobile versions attached to them, making for a seamless transition between desktop and mobile. If you have an older theme or your site was created several years ago, you may want to work with a web developer to update it sometime in the near future.

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