guest write a blogOne of the best ways to reach new audiences with your content is to guest write a blog, a process in which you ask to write a piece of content (or several) for an existing, likely popular blog that has an audience of your potential customers. This isn’t always easy, and some content marketers find it difficult to get their guest blog posts accepted.

The following are some tips you can implement for greater success when you want to guest write a blog:

Get to know the blog

Before sending a request to a blogger asking to write a guest post, make sure you truly know that blog, its core audience and what the blogger aims to accomplish. Once you have a sound understanding of the blog, you can submit a guest post idea the blogger is more likely to accept.

Share your background

If you have a blog of your own (and you should), share it with the administrator of the publication for which you’d like to guest write a blog. The blogger should know why you’re interested in writing a post and how you think your content will engage readers. If they’re good, consider sharing your own blog’s reader statistics.

Make it easy on them

Be very flexible about the format of your blog post and be extra sensitive to word count and other requirements. If you don’t already know, ask the blog administrator if the blog content draft should be in a Word document or some other format to make it easier for posting. You should also be open to feedback and any suggested edits.

Start slow and small

Your ultimate goal should be to have your content appear on high-traffic blogs, but that’s not always the best place to start. It’s best to write a few posts for some smaller blogs to get accustomed to the process of guest blogging, and then build to larger platforms. When it comes time to pitch ideas to bloggers who have huge audiences, you’ll be able to leverage your previous guest blog content writing experience.

Give it your best

If you’re an active blogger, you likely have numerous topic ideas—some good and some not so much. Don’t make the mistake of reserving your best posts for your own blog. Especially when you’re just starting out, it’s important to give your guest blog content your very best. To that end, you should pitch your best ideas and will probably spend more time than usual writing the content—an investment that could be well worth the effort.

By taking these tips into account, you can help bolster your efforts to guest write a blog and start to build an audience outside of your own content publishing platforms. Work with a professional content writing agency if you need assistance developing informative, engaging blog content.