grammar day proprcopyAs you may be aware, today is officially Grammar Day—and the content writers, editors and grammar nerds at ProPRcopy couldn’t be more excited.

It’s no coincidence that this day also falls on March 4th, which grammatically is the only date on the calendar in the imperative mode (think “March Forth!”). And if you’re into marching band music (and who isn’t?), check out the appropriately named March Fourth Marching Band, based in Portland, Oregon.

In “celebration” of this holiday, we would like to share a few of our favorite grammar-focused resources and blogs:

OWL Purdue: This website, created and maintained by Purdue University, offers guidance on everything from appositives and the use of adjectives and adverbs, to verb tenses and relative pronouns. It’s a great academic resource if you have a grammar question.

Oxford Dictionaries Blog: The world-renowned dictionary also has an online blog, where its experts offer some highly reliable writing and grammar advice. It’s a terrific resource, whether you’re a dedicated grammar enthusiast or just need a little assistance with perfecting your content writing.

Grammar Girl: Mignon Fogerty is Grammar Girl, as well as the founder of the website Quick and Dirty Tips. She makes writing and grammar fun, using an entertaining approach to educating her readers on proper se
ntence structure, punctuation, word usage and a wide range of other issues.

Finally, we would like to end on a little pitch. If you ever need professional and affordable content writing services, we invite you to contact the team at ProPRcopy. Our talented people are great at developing content for businesses and organizations across a variety of industries—and you can be sure your content will be written with impeccable grammar.

From all of us at ProPRcopy, we hope you have a wonderful Grammar Day!