In a world in which most consumers do their shopping and socializing online, the art of creating a personal relationship between your costumers and your business is not as simple as remembering their name when they walk through the door. However, you can

develop your company’s relationship with its costumers on social media, particularly Facebook. With strong social media content writing, your fans will come to think of your business as a part of their online circle of friends.

Here are some tips to help you leverage the power of Facebook:

Post each day

Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s coffee or insurance, you want costumers to associate your brand with that product. This means offering regular exposure to your company, and Facebook users check their feeds frequently. According to an IDC study focused on smart phone use, individuals who have such mobile devices check their Facebook an average of 13.8 times a day. Posting social media content at least once per day will stitch your brand into the fabric of your fans’ social networks and help you stay top of mind.

Curate your content

There is widespread ad fatigue in the world today. People have gotten very good at tuning out blatant advertising, so making your social media posts more personal will encourage people to engage with your content. Good examples are inspirational or artistic posts, as well as promotional updates that encourage participation — such as “tag three friends and be entered into a raffle.” Such content will both bring users’ attention to your posts and create a relationship between your company and those who participate.

Get to know Facebook

Facebook has embraced the potential using its space for advertising. Explore the targeting options Facebook as built into the platform, allowing you to target demographics based on age, sex, country and even city. There are fields for “Precise Interest” and “Suggested Likes and Interests” which you can refine via hashtags you would like to associate with your brand. These are powerful tools that enable your company to increase its exposure to your preferred clientele.

Remain engaged

Facebook is not a billboard that changes once a month. It’s a constantly evolving arena through which you can monitor and interact with others. Facebook Insights lets you know which of your posts take off and get shared, and which ones don’t work as well. By keeping a close eye on the data, you can change your profile and content to match trends as they develop.

Also, remember that Facebook is a two-way interaction. Customers will reach out to you through Facebook to ask questions, praise you and sometimes complain about your business. Having a vigilant presence will allow you to respond quickly to feedback from the online community.

Stay in touch, stay aware and stay human. Once you have your Facebook presence established, embrace the community. If you maintain consistent content, customers will be more inclined to think of your business as a positive member of their Facebook circle of friends.

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