copywriting for local searchEven small businesses that compete more on a local level can benefit from the power of content marketing, especially when it comes to informative blog content and articles that keep potential customers engaged. In fact, when done effectively, blogging can have a tremendous impact on boosting local search results for small businesses.

This is true for all sorts of companies across many different industries. As just one of many examples, we’ve been working with an auto dealer in St. Paul, Minnesota, that has been engaged in a fairly robust content marketing strategy. The dealership blogs on a weekly basis about topics like the newest car models available, industry news and trends and its sponsorship of various community events.

Over time, the auto dealer has found that its blog content writing has truly paid off, as many of its customers have landed on the company’s website as a result of its blog posts showing up in local search results.

The same has been true for the many law firms for which we’ve created content over the years. These firms, which often compete on a local level, are able to draw in readers by posting about recent legal news, community events, case results and general tips for potential clients who likely have no background knowledge of the law. In this way, attorneys are able to build trust among their readers and set themselves apart as thought leaders in their field, at least locally.

Proven content strategies for local search

Here are a few tips for writing blog content that helps small businesses boost their local search results:

  • Be a storyteller: A key part of finding online marketing success as a local business is being relatable. People choose small, local businesses because they just feel more “real” than larger corporate enterprises. With that in mind, use your blog content to tell stories about local people and events. It helps you retain the local flavor of your business, even in a digital world.
  • Speak to special events or promotions: Do you have something special going on at your business? Your blog is the perfect place to give all the information to your patrons. You may also cross-post all the information to your social media accounts and in email newsletters to make sure people hear the news.
  • Post newsworthy content: If something big is happening within your industry, write about it! Even though you are a small, local business, you are still affected by the larger overall trends happening within your field—and people who regularly do business with you may find it very interesting. It also shows that you’re an active member of your industry.
  • Highlight your ties to the community: Local businesses earn a lot of good will by getting involved in their communities. Attend some events around your area and blog about your experiences. Share photos and stories, as people love to read local brands’ accounts of these types of events if they are written in a personal way.
  • Go behind the scenes: Give people a peak behind the scenes of your company with photos or videos, or by previewing upcoming products or services you’re about to launch.

Your local business stands to gain a great deal from engaging in a cohesive content marketing strategy. If you need assistance with your strategy or developing quality articles, blog posts and other content on a regular basis, consider reaching out to a professional copywriting service.