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How It Works

How do we deliver such exceptional content writer services so effectively and such affordable rates? It all comes down to process. We work with you to establish an editorial calendar and content strategy tailored to your brand, your goals and your target audience.

1. Tell Us About Your Project

Interested in working with us? Provide us with some basic information on your project or content needs to give us an idea of how we might best serve you. You may also give us a call at 800-746-3121.

2. Give Us a Test Run

A content manager will connect with you to discuss your needs, and then write an initial piece of content (up to 500 words) on a topic of your choosing—for free. We never charge for this first assignment. It’s our opportunity to prove ourselves and learn more about your project.

3. Establish an Editorial Calendar

Your content manager establishes an editorial calendar to help guide your content strategy. This may include blog posts, articles, web copy, social media and various other types of content, depending on your needs. We even assist with topic development.

4. Ramp It Up

Once you’ve approved some topics, we get right to work creating more content based on your specifications. You’ll work with the same content manager throughout your project, giving you an elevated level of consistency in the quality of content you receive and publish.

5. Keep It Going

Our ultimate goal is to establish a partnership through which we continue to create, deliver and publish high-quality content that fully meets your goals. As your needs change, we can adjust your strategy and volume of content accordingly. You pay only for the content you receive and approve.

Get Started

ProPRcopy offers affordable pricing, responsive service, free revisions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tell us about your content needs below and we’ll get in touch with a quote.

“The ProPRcopy team wrote all of the content on our web pages, and now we’re working with them for our company’s blog. We couldn’t be happier with the quality and customer service they provide to us with each order.”

–  Terry L., St. Paul, MN