social media content writers

Ever since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has been one of the most popular social media networking platforms in the world—with just over 100 million active users today. It has also become a valuable marketing tool for brands, especially those with products and services that are visual in nature.

Marketers using Pinterest have found that the platform can be used to reach extraordinary levels of engagement with consumers, while also driving traffic to a brand’s blog and other visual and written content.

Our social media content writers have compiled few tips below for garnering more blog traffic from your Pinterest page:

Create original content: More than 80 percent of pins on Pinterest are re-pins. This means you need to be able to create your own content to cut through all of the pins people have already seen. The type of content you create depends on the type of business you have. Infographics can be a good choice for marketing firms, while restaurants could share menu items and recipes. Your content creation efforts should focus on being eye-catching, interesting and related to your brand and industry.

Pin tutorials: Tutorial pins see a 42 percent greater click-through rate than other types of pins, according to a study from Pinerly. People love to learn new things and share helpful information. Recipes, building or project instructions and helpful tips are the types posts you should find a way to pin and share on Pinterest.

Focus on trending topics: Just like any other social network, you have the potential to get a lot more attention if you post content that relates to trending topics. Stay up to date with what people on the internet—and particularly your target audience—are talking about so you can develop timely pins and benefit from the buzz.

Hold Pinterest contests: This is a fairly simple way to draw traffic, as long as you don’t overuse the tactic and already have an established base of customers. Hold contests in which participants must either pin content from your website or re-pin content from your Pinterest profile, and select one entrant as a winner of your prize (a free sample, a big discount, etc.). These types of contests can help boost your blog traffic and increase the visibility of your content overall.

Marketing on Pinterest isn’t appropriate for all brands—especially those with products or services that are not very visual in nature. But if you do have a brand you think would be well suited for the social media network, there are a lot of opportunities available. Consult a professional social media content writer if you would like additional guidance.