corporate buzzwordsOne of the most significant challenges for blog writers is figuring out how to write useful, informative content without falling into the trap of overusing clichés. This can be more difficult to prevent than you might think, as we so often use common words and phrases in our everyday conversation that they can be easy to lean on when it comes to writing blog content.

Unfortunately, few things turn off readers more quickly than clichés, so it’s important to avoid them at all costs.

How can you make sure you continue to keep your readers engaged as a blog content writer? Here are a few tips from the creative professionals behind our copywriting services:

  • Develop unique ideas: It’s a lot more difficult to repeat common phrases, tropes or ideas when you’ve developed your own original idea to cover. You might find inspiration from other sources, but in the end, the content writing and the bulk of the thinking should be your own.
  • Re-read everything you write: Clichés have become so embedded in the way we communicate that you might not even realize you are using them while you’re in the process of content writing. Once you’ve completed a piece of blog content, read it again and pay close attention to the language you’re using. It’s actually much easier to find clichés after reading your content back than to catch yourself while engaged in the writing process.
  • Write plainly and succinctly: In many cases, a cliché can be replaced by just one or two words that will not sound nearly as… well…cliché. Rather than writing “at the end of the day,” for example, you might substitute the word “ultimately.” It’s a simple fix that improves the readability of your blog content.
  • Be more creative: Get creative with the way you describe things. How many times have you seen a brand describe a new product as a “game changer,” or say it will “revolutionize the way you [accomplish a task]?” Instead of these boring, meaningless statements, get creative with your language and be direct in describing exactly why your new product is so important or beneficial.

The best blog content writers know how to avoid clichés and create strong, engaging online articles that people actually want to read. If you’re having trouble coming up with topics or organization your thoughts into cohesive blog or web content, consider working with a professional copywriting service for the assistance you need.