copy writing servicesThe New Year is fast approaching, and every year we see a few trends dominate the news in the realm of content marketing. This year, it has been the explosion of video across all platforms, but especially social media—Facebook and Twitter have made huge leaps forward this year as viable platforms for video sharing.

So what can we expect to change in content marketing in 2016? Here are a few likely trends:

More content will be published offsite

In the past, the idea of working on your content only to have it published somewhere other than your website or blog was unthinkable. However, with a number of tweaks being made to the way articles are published on Facebook and LinkedIn this year, you can expect to see more blog and other content being developed specifically for these platforms next year. The major benefit of this is that users browsing Facebook or LinkedIn through mobile platforms will not have to leave their apps to see your content.

Quality will become even more important

“Quality over quantity” has sort of taken a backseat the last couple years as marketers have realized the importance of using social media for content marketing purposes. Memes, funny cat pictures and click-bait will continue to have their place, but there’s a shift beginning to happen online of people starting to seek out more in-depth, interesting articles and blog content. Marketers that are able to meet those needs will find themselves in an excellent position in 2016.

Marketers will adapt to how users are reading their content

The last few years have seen a huge boom of users shifting to mobile as their primary means of accessing the Internet, but a lot of content marketers have been slow to adapt. In 2016, more companies than ever before will realize they need to shift away from a desktop focus and figure out how to reach their audience through mobile-targeted content marketing.

More content will be written out of house

As businesses realize their needs for high-quality written articles, blog posts and social media content continue to grow as they work to keep up with their competition, they will turn to outsourced copywriting services to help them meet an ever-increasing demand.

Which content marketing trends do you see impacting the business world over the course of the next year?