Across the U.S. and worldwide, accounting firms, certified public accountants and financial management professionals are using content marketing to reach new clients and enhance their relationships with existing ones.

Through content marketing, these firms use blog content, articles, press releases, social media and other types of written content to provide rich, valuable information to readers on a consistent basis. The overall goal is to provide clients with something of value so that you can establish your accounting firm as a thought leader and a continuous source for reliable information.

Providing value

So what is “something of value?” It can really be anything, from a weekly advice column on your company’s blog written by a member of your staff, to an Excel workbook uploaded to your website that people can download and use to help organize their finances. For example, if your main area of focus is family tax preparation, a printable checklist of what your clients should bring to a meeting with you would be something of value.

Providing potential and existing clients with valuable content allows your company to better serve the customers you already have, while also growing your client base. It showcases your areas of expertise and helps build your brand.

Content marketing is becoming increasingly popular across all industries. Recent studies have shown that more than 90 percent of consumers find custom content useful, and there are countless sources of inspiration to develop your content. You can leverage your expertise to write about virtually any topic you believe your clients will find helpful, and you may also subscribe to other blogs, social media feeds and industry publications to facilitate the creative process.

Additionally, most accounting firms engaged in this form of marketing outsource their content development to professional copywriting service providers. These companies know how to create strong, informative content on even the most complex financial subjects. If you do take this route, it’s best to work with a U.S.-based firm that focuses on quality, as potential clients place a premium on content that is well-written, accurate and comprehensive in nature.

What’s the value of content marketing for CPAs?

In many ways, content marketing is a great leveler, allowing smaller accounting firms to compete directly with large, corporate financial entities. Instead of relying on expensive advertising, you can make a name for yourself simply by leveraging the broad range of knowledge you have in your industry. You can truly position yourself as a hub of information related to tax planning, business succession, retirement planning and any other accounting services you provide.

In addition, your employees benefit from your firm engaging in content marketing. Your staff members — and especially the senior members of your team — are the face of your organization. By asking these professionals to provide regular input on your blog, they can enhance their personal brands while effectively marketing your firm overall.

If you haven’t yet fully explored the benefits of content marketing for CPAs, now is a great time to start. And if you feel you’re too busy to write the content yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional copywriting company. You may be surprised at the quality these professional copywriters and editors provide.