copywriting service, content marketing writerIt’s a challenge many small and medium-sized businesses face when it comes to their content marketing campaigns. They may have an in-house or freelance copywriter helping them out, but those individuals must both create compelling pieces of content — including blog posts, articles, social media content and press releases — and promote them in effective ways.

Thus, quarterbacking a content marketing strategy for a brand can quickly become overwhelming, and the hurdles and time constraints in your way can make you feel like you’re falling further and further behind. It’s during these times when marketers have a very important decision to make: whether or not they should call an audible and outsource their content development to a professional copywriting service.

Calling the outsourced content option

For many businesses engaged in content marketing, the top concern of outsourcing to a copywriting service provider is that the writers and editors they work with won’t truly understand their brand and their target audience. After all, how can a copywriter who doesn’t actually work for a company have the wherewithal to write about it on a consistent basis?

That’s a common misconception content marketers have, as they fail to see how working with an outside party can actually bring a fresh perspective to their written content development. Copywriters from an outside content development company can be of great help when you’re overwhelmed with how much work is in front of you and you’re facing significant challenges related to executing your content marketing campaign. But perhaps more importantly, they are able to think outside the box and bridge any communication gaps that might exist between you and your target audience.

A reputable copywriting service can also assist with researching topics and creating weekly or monthly content calendars, along with providing valuable guidance and advice on how you could potentially improve your content marketing efforts as time goes on.

Seeking a long-term copywriting partner

Some of the best arrangements between content marketers and outsourced copywriters are those that last for months or years, allowing writers to grow accustomed to a brand’s unique voice, tone and key messages. This might take a little investment of your time in the beginning, especially if you work with a copywriter who is not particularly familiar with your industry. Over time, however, you’ll find that the best web and blog content writers are able to tackle this learning curve and find ongoing success fulfilling your written content needs.

If your business or organization could use some help with its article, web copy and blog content creation, consider working with an outsourced copywriting services firm. You’ll likely find it’s an investment well worth making in the long term.

Steve Bailey is president of ProPRcopy, a company that creates blog content, press releases, articles, social media content and more for brands across a wide range of industries.