When developing a comprehensive online strategy, marketers today must place a significant focus on offering content that will interest and engage their readers. By creating informative, useful blog content, website copy, articles and more, brands can set themselves apart and boost their search engine optimization efforts.

About 73 percent of companies online, according to Business2Community, rely on quality content to market and promote their brands. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to copywriting for these platforms:

  • Relevance: It’s important that your web and blog content writing is relevant to both you and the interests of your target audience. Start with content that answers common questions your customers tend to have before working with you.
  • Quality: Be strategic about your copywriting. Quality is much more important than quantity, so focus your efforts on creating smaller volumes of very strong blog posts and articles rather than posting lower-quality content more often.
  • Consistency: Although it’s important to be picky about what you post, it is equally important to be consistent. Whether you share branded content once a week or once a month, stick to a set schedule and avoid long gaps in your blog posts, email newsletters and other pieces.

When done right, the effects of content marketing are measurable. Consider the following statistics:

  • Content marketing generates traffic to your website, and about 70 percent of consumers prefer useful content over more traditional advertising copy
  • Effective content marketing may account for up to 54 percent of a company’s new leads
  • About 55 percent of consumers prefer customized content and are more likely to buy goods or services from brands that first offer engaging blog content and articles.
  • Businesses with consistent blog content and well-written website copy can generate up to 97 percent more leads than their competitors

Content marketing is a great way to set you and your brand apart as a thought leader in your field, while capturing more high-quality leads and developing stronger relationships with your current and potential customers. And if you need help developing industry-focused content on a consistent basis, explore working with a professional copywriting service.