holiday content marketingThe holiday season is here in full throttle, and it’s a busy time for businesses and consumers alike. If you’ve put off your digital marketing to the last minute, never fear! There are still some steps you can take to get some marketing results out of this holiday season.

The following are a few tips as you make your last-ditch effort to attract the attention of potential customers through holiday marketing:

  • Change up your display ads: If your business runs display ads, have some fun with them. Change them to more festive holiday-themed ads, make sure they work on all devices and, most importantly, ensure you are targeting your campaigns to the way consumers are searching and browsing during the holidays. The keywords for your company might not be the same during the holiday season as in other parts of the year.
  • Make use of promotions: If you are already running holiday-themed promotions, analyze early data from the promotions and consider extending them if you’re seeing great results. If promotions are not performing well, consider ways you can make them more attractive to your target audience or if you can draw more attention to the promotion.
  • Send targeted emails to your customers: If you are in need of a way to better engage your existing customers, send targeted emails with catchy, holiday-themed subject lines. These emails could contain special promotional info geared toward people who have patronized your business in the past.
  • Ramp up your content marketing: There’s a lot more marketing competition during the holiday season than any other time of the year. Therefore, you need to find a way to cut through the noise, and high-quality content marketing can be exactly the tool you need. Produce holiday-themed blog content, videos and/or images that you know will engage your target audience.
  • Focus on last-minute shoppers: You might see sales numbers drop as December continues to roll on, as shoppers are afraid their items won’t arrive in time. Target ads toward these last-minute shoppers to reassure them their items are guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas. You might even offer special last-minute shopper promotions.

What are some ways you have adjusted your digital marketing for this holiday season?