Imagine building something amazing from the ground up. The idea is uniquely yours, you put in the effort and hard work and that great feeling of accomplishment is one that only you will know. It’s truly the American Dream. However, it’s not always that simple, as roadblocks force more than a few good ideas onto the backburner, where they simmer until they eventually fade away. It’s sad, but true.

The highly active and extremely generous community over at is working to change all that. Founded in 2009, the crowdfunding site quickly became an epicenter for people looking to make it big with their ideas — ideas that may otherwise never see the light of fruition due to funding roadblocks and other monetary issues.

Kickstarter allows these people to share their projects with the world, while accumulating the funding they need in small increments until they reach a designated funding goal. The platform has flourished over the last five years, helping more than 56,700 projects become a reality and generating just shy of $1 billion in crowd-sourced funding. Today, if you cannot pull your project up by its bootstraps, a few thousand backers at Kickstarter can help!

Presentation is key

What makes Kickstarter unique is the wide variety of concepts and projects that populate the site on a daily basis. Ranging from videogame development to artistic endeavors, food projects to technological innovations, just about anything is worthy of a backer. But without the proper presentation, even the greatest ideas can fall flat.

Kickstarter gives each project a profile, which includes a video segment and a written outline of the idea. Together, the video and the written content surrounding the project serve to peak community interest and get the project funded. And while most people focus on their video presentation, far too many forget that words can also help to sell an idea.

With the recent success of several multimillion-dollar funding projects in 2013, many new Kickstarters began to see the need for quality copywriting in their project profiles. Heartfelt messages, complex descriptions and FAQ sections that couldn’t be addressed in the video portion were laid out beautifully in the text below, completing the project in a way that gave investors peace of mind when clicking the “back this project” button.

Now, an increasing number of new project managers are turning to quality copywriting services to help give them the edge they need in a crowdsourcing marketplace that’s becoming more competitive by the day.

Copywriters who know Kickstarter

Copywriting for Kickstarter isn’t like writing blog content or a piece of technical copy — it’s about selling your project in a transparent and descriptive way. The message needs to be informative and encompassing, yet heartfelt and confident, which is something many project managers have difficulty balancing. Too many great projects read like a charity case or sales pitch, which can quickly turn off backers.

Over the past three years, ProPRcopy has worked with inventors, innovators and dreamers to provide engaging copywriting for Kickstarter campaigns, helping these fledgling entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and into the hands and hearts backers worldwide. If you’re embarking on a Kickstarter campaign and want to help ensure the success of your project through quality written content, ProPRcopy is the place to start — because we know Kickstarter like no other copywriting service out there.

Kyle Danowski is a senior editor with ProPRcopy who has written content for a wide range of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns.