live blogging, event bloggingLive blogging has become an increasingly popular way for content writers to cover events as they are occurring. You might come across live blogs for sporting events, political debates, awards shows, live television programs or trade shows.

Depending on your audience and its interests, live blogging could be a great way to create timely content and keep people’s eyes on your website and blog for a longer period of time. If you choose to live blog an event, whether it’s something on TV or a trade show you are attending, here are some tips from our experienced blog content writers:

Prepare in advance

Have a game plan in place before the event begins. If it’s an event on television, make sure you’ve blocked out your evening and have your work station prepared. If it is an event you are attending, such as a convention or trade show, have scheduled times throughout your day set up when you can provide readers with updates. These updates need to be considered an actual part of your day rather than just times you squeeze in updates between sessions.

Be ready to act quickly

The entire point of live blogging is being quick, timely and responsive. If you will be providing a lot of updates in a short period of time on your website, you should have features in place that automatically refresh the page—or applications that display your updates in real time. These features should make it easy for you to make updates and for your readers to respond or ask questions at a moment’s notice.

Offer something unique

It’s easier to provide a unique perspective if you are actually at the event in question, especially with trade shows and conventions where you are likely to know—or at least be able to interact with—some of the speakers and presenters.

When it comes to television events, there should still be some sort of unique “angle” that gets people to pay attention to your live blog rather than (or in addition to) other sources like Twitter or other live blogs.

Be genuine

Actually provide interesting, topical updates. Don’t waste any of your updates on trying to push your brand or your products and services. People want actual, real reactions to what is happening at the event you are live blogging. The best blog content writers understand their target audiences and deliver information they find useful and truly want to read. The sales pitch can come later.

Live blogging is a lot of work, but it’s a great way to provide outstanding, super-timely content to your readers. If you’d like to give it a try, remember to keep these tips in mind.