LinkedIn IconLinkedIn is the top social media site for professionals, connecting individuals and businesses with employers, employees, clients and colleagues. Tapping into the platform’s numerous features allows you to connect with your target audience much more strategically than other social media sites.

These seven tips will help you create a vibrant and engaging LinkedIn profile:

1) Complete your profile
It seems obvious, but LinkedIn has many profile fields that can be overlooked. Don’t skip the fields at the bottom, such as Causes You Care About and Honors & Awards—they may encourage an introduction to a valuable new connection. LinkedIn prompts users to continue updating their profile upon logging in and lets users know what’s still missing.

2) Add media to your profile
Photo, video and links to your content to create a dynamic profile that allows others to connect with you on a more personal level. Photos and video give your connections a better sense of your work and interests in a way simple text cannot. Links to your other social media profiles, blogs or examples of your work allow interested connections to explore further.

3) Blog regularly
Updates are a quick way to post information to your connections and share relevant articles, but the “publish a post” option allows you to share longer thoughts on a topic. Sharing your blog content helps forge stronger connections and establish you as somewhat of an expert in your chosen field.

4) Use SEO to increase profile views
As with a website, your LinkedIn profile should use keywords that make you more discoverable in searches. You can customize your headlines so that rather than simply stating your job title, it reflects what you truly do—or even your mission. You could also adjust your job title to something more descriptive. For example, you could change “communications manager” to “social media marketing coordinator.”

6) Promote yourself
Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn to promote your work. Consistent posting keeps your connections informed and thinking about you. Promote your LinkedIn profile on other platforms, and link it to your website, blog, social media and email signature. Additionally, LinkedIn is increasingly used instead of or as a supplement to résumés, allowing you to be discovered by potential employers or clients more easily.

7) Engage your connections
Leverage the social media aspect of the site and continue to comment, like, post and share with your connections. The Skills feature allows your colleagues to endorse your talents, so be sure to endorse theirs as well. You might also ask colleagues to write you a recommendation—again, offering to return the favor.

In today’s professional world, it’s important to stay visible on platforms on which your colleagues and clients are searching. If you need assistance with your personal or business LinkedIn profile, consider working with a skilled copywriter to showcase your talents in a comprehensive and professional manner.