Content-Marketing (1)Maintaining a dynamic web presence goes far beyond your own website.

Google and the other search engines have become incredibly sophisticated, to the point that its algorithms can look at a website and determine the quality of the content it offers, how people are responding to that content and how far of a reach it all has.

So, while you should always focus on informative blog posts, engaging website copy and other types of quality on-site content, your brand should also be exploring how to expand its reach across multiple channels online. This is known as “off-site” content marketing.

The following are a few of our favorite and most effective strategies for creating and publishing off-site content:

Maintain a robust social media presence

copywritersA sweeping majority of internet users today are on social media, and they use platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to share interests, shopping habits, articles, images, videos and other content. In fact, users are 100 percent more likely to purchase a product after seeing something about it posted on Facebook.

To that end, you should find out which platforms your target audience is most likely to frequent, and focus your efforts there. Companies that offer products to a general consumer base may find more success on Facebook or Twitter, while more niche B2B brands tend to focus their efforts on LinkedIn to connect with other business professionals.

Get started:

  • Promote more social sharing on your website by adding a share toolbar or icons on your web pages and blog posts.
  • Incorporate calls to action, when appropriate, in your social media status updates.
  • Produce an interesting visual or infographic with your next piece of blog content. Publish updates on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, linking back to your post.

Host structured content on other sites

You don’t need to wait for visitors to come to your website to view your content. You can meet the members of your target audience where they hang out, which may be a number of other websites. Share your content on these off-site platforms, redirecting readers and viewers back to your site whenever possible.

Get started:

  • Take the time to write a compelling bio for online directories such as Manta, Angie’s List and (among many others).
  • Create visually appealing presentations and post them to SlideShare.
  • Upload your white papers to Scribd and share on social media.

Engage in guest blogging or offer to be interviewed

When you think about it, you likely have a great deal of specific knowledge related to your industry. You can leverage this knowledge not only on your own blog, but also for the articles and content others are developing. Offer to write guest posts on popular blogs or websites related to your field, or reach out to blog writers and let them know that you are happy to serve as a source for any articles they are writing—either now or in the future.

Get started:

  • Approach top influencers in your field and ask to write guest posts on their blogs. Be sure to have a specific topic in mind.
  • Write an editorial for an online publication. Encourage a response on social media or your own blog.
  • Pitch a trade publication and offer yourself as an expert source in your industry.

Investigate advertising opportunities

Paid advertising is unlikely to replace the value you receive out of inbound marketing, but it can kick-start a more long-term audience engagement strategy.

If your goal is more organic shares, social media advertising may be the best place to start. Paying to promote certain posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram pushes them to the top of users’ feeds. Assuming you have created helpful and interesting content, sometimes that’s all it takes to boost engagement.

Wherever it is online that someone finds your content, be sure to tell a great story that the members of your target audience will find compelling and informative. Once you grab their attention, you can begin to show them the true value your brand offers.

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