While the Millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 2000) is largely known for “job hopping,” a new study finds that younger professionals are more likely to stick with an employer if an organization has strong and meaningful internal communication.

The study, conducted through a partnership between North Dakota State University and the National University of Singapore, found that Millennials value open, cohesive and regular communication from company leaders. This internal communication works best, according to researchers, when it is consistent and applicable to employees’ specific job responsibilities.

In the study, researchers surveyed more than 500 Millennials in entry-level and mid-career positions working within a variety of businesses and organizations. They found that the members of this generation tend to be more engaged in their work when their employers provide a steady flow of quality information and support.

This research provides some valuable insights when it comes to internal communication in a variety of professional settings. If you wish to attract and retain talented, dedicated Millennial employees, it’s important to invest in strong internal communication that keeps people engaged and informed. In fact, it can be just as important as external communication, public relations and marketing.

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