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The world of book publishing has never been more open. Whether you have a publishing contract or are self-publishing your book, it’s relatively easy and affordable to sell your creative work online. This requires a sound plan to promote your book through content marketing.

Let ProPRcopy be your go-to resource as you market your book online. This starts with back-cover and online product descriptions that accurately describe your book and why it should interest readers. Then, we’ll plan and implement a strategy to promote your book through press releases, email marketing, social media, guest blogging and other channels.

Over the past several years, our writers have worked with numerous self-published authors to help them gain more attention for their books, whether they are selling them through Amazon, Blurb or any number of other retailers. In addition to creating content, we assist with setting up editorial calendars and advise you on best practices in book marketing.

To learn more about how our skilled writers can help you reach more readers online, we invite you to contact us and get a quote today.

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Self-publishing has seen double-digit growth in recent years. Marketing your book is critical in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The average author spends about $300 self-publishing a book. Getting your work in front of readers is more affordable than ever.

More than 727,000 self-published ISBNs were registered in 2015 alone. That number represented 21% growth compared to the year previous.

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