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Craft brewing has absolutely exploded in America. In fact, the Brewers Association reports that it’s now a $24 billion industry. And in an increasingly crowded marketplace, large numbers of craft beverage manufacturers are turning to digital content to set their brands apart.

How can you use content to further your craft beer marketing goals? For one, this is an industry in which consumers crave information on your products — and often share what they learn with their friends. Your brand must also be accessible online, especially if you wish to show up in Google search results.

The copywriters at ProPRcopy are highly experienced in winery, distillery and craft beer marketing, creating a range of content that boosts these companies’ digital presence in meaningful ways. Our efficient process allows us to deliver affordable, high-quality content quickly, offering a key resource as you distinguish your brand online.

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“We tried using another content writer and let’s just say it didn’t work out. They gave us copy you just couldn’t read. We’re really happy with the stuff you sent us.”

— Sara Y., Madison, WI

Elevate your craft beer marketing efforts

The craft beverage space really like no other industry out there. You have a built-in audience that’s engaged and ready to read your content — you just need to get it out there.

Work with us if you could use the following content creation services:

  • Website copy: Engaging, benefits-driven web content serves as the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Your website gives you the opportunity to share your brand’s unique story and provide details on the products you offer.
  • Blogging: A blog is a great way to offer valuable information to craft brew, cider, wine and spirits consumers, including industry trends, insights into your brewing process, upcoming events and anything else in the works.
  • Press releases: Whenever you have news related to your business, share it with the world through a well-written press release. This may include new products, special offers, promotions and the hiring of new staff members. We also assist with local and national distribution.
  • Social media: Craft brew fans are passionate about their favorite beers, and they often share their feedback on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. Stay engaged and maintain a positive brand image with consistent social media content.
  • Email marketing: Regular email communication can help you build and audience and promote your products through special offers and events. We help you create email marketing content that offers value to your subscribers.

In addition, we assist with case studies, white papers, brochure copy, product descriptions and just about any other type of written content you need for your craft beer marketing strategy.